Garage Conversions in Kerry

Garage Conversions in Kerry BBK the ideal Solution

The ideal solution to problems such as transport cost to work or growing family numbers, could be converting your garage into a small office or granny flat.

You won’t lose any garden space and ultimately add value to your home.

Converting your garage, the basic structure of the garage is kept, you don’t. This doesn’t mean that it will be easy. A garage will have its own set of challenges for conversion and the ultimate goal should be to integrate the finished product so that it blends into the rest of the house.

Garage Conversations in Kerry Tralee Killarney Ballincollig, Cork.

You generally won’t need planning permission for Garage Conversions less than 40 square metres and is not higher than the house.

These are general guidelines only, you should always make absolutely certain that you don’t need planning permission before you start a build or renovation.

Failure may result in penalties, fines or even imprisonment or both but definitely taking it down. Please check with your local authority or architect they will be able to advise you about this.

The main issues that you may face if converting a garage are..

  • Finding out what your costs are going to be? All projects suffer from project creep, the costs involve add up, new ideas come with the development and initial plan grow.
    Having a properly construction budget and stick to it, will help you keep within budget.
  • Get recommended builders in Kerry, BBK come highly recommended.
  • You will need a new external wall to replace the garage door. Any new external wall will have to be constructed to make it damp proof and insulated.
  • The concrete floor will also have to be altered, it will have to be damp proofed and insulated to prevent heat loss. A great option would be to build a suspended timber floor about 4 inches over the concrete floor.
  • Your garage conversioned roof will have to be altered. Your choices are either a flat roof or a pitched roof.
  • Ventilation will need to be taken into account. If your building a bathroom or kitchen that will obviously require more ventilation due to the condensation levels, during the cold months.
  • All plumbing and electrical work should be carried out by qualified tradesmen.
  • Another problem is apperance. In order to blend the conversion in to make it look like a natural addition to your house, add some design elements to your roof example windows and dormer.

A garage conversion is ultimately to have more space in your home and to add value on your property.

Example garage conversion situation for €8,999


For a single car garage size of 16 feet by 7 feet which is a standard the ceiling finished and a door from the existing house. Garage has 1 existing light, switch and a socket.

Including all materials and labour, removal of rubbish after work and 12 month warranty on work done. €8,999

The following work is included in that price.

  • Removal of garage door and fitting of double glazed white pvc window (max size 1750x 1000mm ) and blockwork up to window cill height. Exterior plaster finish or brickwork or painting to match existing house.
  • A suspended timber floor fitted, which will be level with the rest of the house and with rigid 80mm insulation fitted between the floor joists to prevent heat loss.
  • External walls drylined with 50mm insulated plasterboard and complete room skimmed
  • 1200mm double radiator connected to existing heating system. Access should be available to heating
  • Skirting, window boards and laminate flooring with a choice of laminate.
  • Removal of all materials and waste from your new garage conversion.

Most garages are suitable for conversion and it takes 2 weeks in total from start to finish.

Payment terms are 5% on booking ,40% at the end of the first week, 50% on completion and 5% 30 days after completion to make sure that you are happy with the work.

Our price includes all materials and labour.